Jamal Al Hazaa

Our history is full of discoveries, with hard work and perseverance we started a flour mill in Iraq in the early 1940's. Since then, discoveries, investments and growth have fuelled our progress.

Our story began in the early 1940's, when Mr. Sharif Hazaa, the founder of the Al- Hazaa Investment Group, started his industrial activities by establishing a flour mill in Iraq.

The philosophy of the Group has always been to build strong foundations in major market fields and to focus primarily on activities that would contribute to the economy of Iraq. As such, the Group has expanded into a number of industrial sectors, besides the food industry.

In the late 1970's, Mr. Jamal Hazaa, the eldest son, took over the management of the Group with the assistance of his brothers, Omar Hazaa and Khalid Hazaa. Together, they brought Al Hazaa Group to great achievements of success and became the leading industrial business in multiple industrial sectors.

The success of the Group can be attributed to a number of factors; among which are personal commitment, entrepreneurial thinking and sensitivity to changing markets. The success of our products and services are a result of their quality, consistency and innovation.

As a result of the management strategies, the Group has been able to strongly position itself in a number of Arab Countries across the Middle East. The Group has further established solid relationships and close cooperation with leading industrial companies worldwide to keep up with developing technologies, which allow the distinction of our products and services.

The Group has evolved over the last decades and has consolidated its presence and reputation in the Region as one of the most dynamic and successful family groups. Today, in markets characterized by increasing volatility and constant change, the Al-Hazaa Group looks with confidence into the future bases on strong foundations, which reflect our heritage and culture.