Mr.Jamal Al Hazaa

"We celebrate our team, who always manages to exceed all expectations. We honor our commitment to quality, our vigorous involvement in the community, our continuous investment in technology, and above all, we celebrate the lively spirit of innovation that has proved to be the binding thread that makes Al Hazaa Group what it is today."

 - Jamal Al-Hazaa, Chairman

Board of Directors

Jamal Al-Hazaa
Chairman of the Board
Omar Al-Hazaa
G.M. / Vice Chairman of the Board
Khaled Al-Hazaa
G.M. / Board Member

Chairman's Message

Mr.Jamal Al Hazaa


On my behalf and on behalf of board of directors and all employees of the company, I welcome you at the Al-Hazaa Investment Group’s website.

We found today that Al-Hazaa Group has long trip from its establishment on 1942, achieving progressive progress during this trip. We, BoD, focus on continuing the success and commit to our ethics and the overall vision of the future.

Al-Hazaa group is fully aware that to the success continues growing through providing high quality services; we are always seek to evolve and we take care to use new developed methods and solutions, which contributes to the development of the industrial sector according to basics of keeping the development and progress of the used technologies.

Our remarkable ability to achieve the achievements came from our strategy and our attention to achieve the productivity efficiency. Still our continuous ambitions that the group will be one of the best companies in the middle east and we believe that our strategy will guarantee achieving this preference and opening new markets in the region and the world. Our success is based on the absolute commitment of our employees, who are the most valuable asset to us.

Al-Hazaa group seeks today to expand its activities to be an integrated industrial network. From this aspect, we took positive steps to expand the activities of the group to include several connected sectors to serve the final product and to reach the high quality and competitiveness at several local and global levels.

We have big plans to achieve more development of the group during the upcoming years with our administrative and technical staff and the qualified and loyal employees in addition to the large equipment, which is necessary to carry out the works. Our strong intention to reach good reputation in all sectors we are working in.

Finally, I would like to extend our gratitude to our customers for their support and trust and we promise that we will always continue our hard work to achieve our goals and more success. I also would like to thank the board of directors and all the employees for their sincere efforts and hard work. I wish everyone more success.

Let us move from success to another one….


Jamal Shareef Al Hazaa